Build chatbots for any platform with our ChatBot builder and no coding knowledge needed.


Shopper Reviews' Chatbot integrates to several social media platforms in addition to SMS, live chat and automated chatbots on your business website. (SMS Extra Charge)

Facebook Messenger




SMS Chat

Web Bot

Create Chatbots with Visual Editor​

Build unlimited chatbots using Shopper Reviews' easy to use drag & drop style visual flow builder. Built in chatbot templates help you get started creating chatbots like a pro in just a few minutes.

Create Live Chat Accounts ​

 You can have live chat software and real time monitor and analyze your business' website traffic within minutes. This real time monitoring allows you to proactively invite site visitors for a live chat. Effective employment of this feature allows you to use this tool as a lead generation.

Calendar Based Management System​

Our Chatbot has a built in calendar management system that integrates with Google calendar and any other calendar app you may have. Website visitors can book appointments directly in the Chatbot using the Chatbot’s calendar. These are confirmed by the Chatbot account manager when logging into their account. Customizable email notifications are sent to both the web visitor and account owners.