Are you looking for a new processor either because you want to save money on your processing expenses or you are just not getting the level of service you expect? Whatever the reason may be, we would be delighted to help. If it’s a rate you are trying to beat, not an issue simply send us last month’s processing statement and we’ll get you a side-by-side cost savings analysis same day!

Are you sick and tired of being locked in to a terminal lease that never seams to end? Not here, we offer free state-of-the-art EMV compliant terminals that can be overnighted to you. Be sure to check with your account representative as we are always acquiring in new terminals both wireless and IP.

Customer service is extremely important to us and is something we will always strive to do better with. If you are trapped in a merchant account contract with a company that never picks up their phone or offers any guidance when you need it, then it is time you switched. Feel free to use us as a resource for all terminal and processing questions and concerns, we will do our very best to make sure you are equipped with all the information necessary to make the best decision for your business.


Point of sale (POS) systems are extremely powerful tools utilized by businesses day in and day out to manage workflow and process transactions. For restaurants they have proven to be invaluable and businesses operating without a POS are at a disadvantage in today’s fast pace environment.

Customers have become increasingly impatient and are accustomed to quicker, more efficient service that these point of sale systems can provide. Not only can they sync with other systems around the location, but they connect with wireless devices to share and transmit data quickly and safely.

Technologically, POS systems have grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years. Software has become more advanced allowing for quicker processing, increased security and expanded features and functionality to name a few. We have a full suite of POS systems that will suite your business needs. If you already have an existing system, chances are we can have it reprogrammed for you. Please ask your PaymentCloud sales executive for more information.


Shopper Reviews offers the latest in mobile payment processing for merchants who are constantly on the move. Depending on your requirements we have affordable solutions to meet your needs. Perhaps you have a need to swipe cards face to face at trade shows, or you need your servers to be able to walk from table to table and accept payments, whatever the case may be we have a solution for you.

Service businesses like mobile car detailing, locksmiths, garage repair, or contractors like the ability to use their smart phones to run transactions. We offer state-of- the-art wireless terminals that attach to mobile phones for quick payment along with a downloadable application that makes record keeping and emailing receipts a breeze.

Please contact one of our trained reps today to find out just how easy and affordable these wireless solutions are. Below is simply a small selection of the available devises we offer. Shopper Reviews is always at the forefront of technology and will always offer the latest in mobile processing solutions.