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Choosing the right payment processor is one of the most imperative business decisions for your company

Credit card processing solutions for thousands of clients nationwide:

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Point of sale (POS) systems are extremely powerful tools utilized by businesses day in and day out to manage workflow and process transactions. For restaurants they have proven to be invaluable and businesses operating without a POS are at a disadvantage in today’s fast pace environment.

Customers have become increasingly impatient and are accustomed to quicker, more efficient service that these point of sale systems can provide. Not only can they sync with other systems around the location, but they connect with wireless devices to share and transmit data quickly and safely.

Technologically, POS systems have grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years. Software has become more advanced allowing for quicker processing, increased security and expanded features and functionality to name a few. We have a full suite of POS systems that will suite your business needs. If you already have an existing system, chances are we can have it reprogrammed for you. Please ask your PaymentCloud sales executive for more information.

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Shopper Reviews offers the latest in mobile payment processing for merchants who are constantly on the move. Depending on your requirements we have affordable solutions to meet your needs. Perhaps you have a need to swipe cards face to face at trade shows, or you need your servers to be able to walk from table to table and accept payments, whatever the case may be we have a solution for you.

Service businesses like mobile car detailing, locksmiths, garage repair, or contractors like the ability to use their smart phones to run transactions. We offer state-of- the-art wireless terminals that attach to mobile phones for quick payment along with a downloadable application that makes record keeping and emailing receipts a breeze.

Please contact one of our trained reps today to find out just how easy and affordable these wireless solutions are. Below is simply a small selection of the available devises we offer. Shopper Reviews is always at the forefront of technology and will always offer the latest in mobile processing solutions.

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Shopping carts are an important part of the e-commerce experience. When people shop on your website, they add everything to a shopping cart. Often, there’s a shopping cart icon on the site, too, that lets people know how many items are in there. Once they’re ready to check out, they go to their shopping cart to view what’s inside, confirm the quantities, and then complete the check-out process.

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to check out with their shopping carts. If it’s a complicated process, people will abandon their cart and you will lose out on their business. At Shopper Reviews, we provide merchant processing solutions to assist with this aspect. Our services will integrate with any shopping cart that you have in place. If you want to be sure about compatibility please shoot us a quick message and we will respond promptly.

Whether you need a traditional merchant processing account or a high-risk one, you need to be able to accept credit cards. We make accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express easier than ever before. Plus, we provide a secure solution so your customers trust the transactions and you don’t have to worry about fraud or compromised customer data.

Our open API design connects with your shopping cart, regardless of what solution you have in place. It’s one less thing for you to worry about when setting up your e-commerce store.

At Shopper Reviews, we make it easy. Simply choose us as your merchant account provider and we will take care of the rest. We will integrate quickly with your shopping cart so that people can complete their orders without any headache. The credit cards are processed fast and they get their order confirmation. You then get the payment so that you can start fulfilling orders.

Call or fill out the form today to start the application process. We can connect with your shopping cart and help you start accepting credit cards right away.

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Chances are you’ve landed on this page because you want to see if Shopper Reviews can integrate with your system seamlessly. The answer is almost always yes. Any CMS like Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Wix or many others that allow for third party gateway integration or have an open API we can work with. You won’t see Shopper Reviews as an actual dropdown in your payments setting, however you will see many other gateways that we will be able to connect you through.

Once you are approved for a merchant account we need to connect a gateway to it. The most popular gateway that you probably heard of is (a VISA company). Not only can we connect with them, we are compatible with almost every gateway in existence. Rest assured, we will handle this integration part of the deployment process for you so you don’t need to get a programmer involved.

No matter which shopping cart configuration you are using (if you are selling products online) we can integrate with. Once approved, integration can happen in a matter of minutes so you can be up and running right away. If you have unique questions regarding integration or compatibility please reach out to us and we will address your concerns asap.

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