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Less than a decade ago, 73% of consumers visited a business review site before making significant decisions. Today this figure has gone up to 94%. We will guarantee to increase your reviews and more importantly your rating. You will then  stand out from other competitors online. Who would you bank with, the bank branch with the rating of 4.7 or the one with 2.1?

Which bank would you visit? The bank with a Google rating of 3.2 or the bank with a Google rating of 4.4?

Are Your Online Reviews and Reputation Important to You?

Shopper Reviews will increase your Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot reviews, and more importantly your RATINGS will increase. 

Reviews are important for financial industry because they help to get more customers. Google rankings are an important part of financial industry because it helps to bring in more customers.

Financial companies can increase their customer base by increasing their review ratings on search engines. Financial companies will be able to easily attract potential clients with great reviews and rankings on google.

Reviews are an important factor in search engine optimization because they show that a company has satisfied customers that will give them positive feedback about their product or service online, which will help them rank higher in search engines like Google.

The financial industry is a competitive market and it is important to hold a good reputation and maintain the trust of clients. The more reviews, the better.

Reviews can help with Google rankings through search engine optimization (SEO) because they tell Google that your company is reputable and consumers like what you do. If your company has a good reputation, people will be more likely to visit your site as well as recommend you to their friends and family members who might need similar services in the future.

Companies will always want to know what others are saying about them, especially if it is good. The financial industry needs reviews because they have a lot of competition and they need to be able to rank higher in google searches.

Reviews should be used as a way of increasing your customer base and should not be seen as a burden.

We give your banking sales representative and/or your service representative access to our app which is free to download.

When your banking representatives sign up and/or assist a customer, the banking representative will text the customer while being in front of them telling them “the best way you can thank us is to leave us a five star review.”

The customer gets a text immediately and fills out the review by clicking on the text link which takes a few seconds to complete. If your customer does not have any social media profiles they will be able to leave a website review.

These reviews are shared on your social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and business website within minutes from our Shopper Reviews app.

Your locations social media manager can then login during the week and respond to reviews through our portal.

All these reviews help your local SEO and increase customer confidence which increases business. We will even assist in helping you set everything up, we want you to be successful.

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