Home Services Industry

More than half 60% of respondents of a survey reported that they find online reviews “extremely” or “very valuable” when deciding upon residential service providers.

Which plumber would you hire? The plumber with the 3.0 Google rating or the plumber with the 4.4 Google rating?

Home Service Industry Thrives on Reviews

Google ranks websites on a variety of factors. One of those is quality and relevance of the content. Reviews are a big factor in determining this, as they show Google how trustworthy a business is.

The number of home service customers has been steadily increasing over the past couple years. In turn, businesses have been making it increasingly difficult to find through search engines. In order to rank high in search rankings, it is now more important than ever for businesses to have reviews from the customers they serve.

Online reviews play a huge role in the future of home services. They provide an opportunity for customers to review products and services they have used and provide feedback. That feedback can either make or break a business.

Google ranks businesses on their relevance, which is determined by the number of reviews a business has as well as the ratings those reviews receive. This ranking system affects how easily people will find your business online. If your company doesn’t receive many reviews, Google may not rank you as highly as other companies with more reviews.

Online reviews sites like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, and Kudzu have created consumer expectations from a large number of specific detail driven reviews, from which consumers are now enable to make knowledgeable decisions off of.

Google is King

In attempt to disrupt the path of consumer purchasing, Google is aggressively investing in the Home Services industry. A "roofers close to me" search returns a search engine results page with three Google Guaranteed companies in zero position.

Google collects and displays for local service companies the standard knowledge panel details plus: Background checks, License checks, Insurance checks, Advanced verification (by specialty, such as plumbers), and Reputation assessments.

Google is becoming more direct in the language they use relating to Local Service companies and local search ranking by stating “serious or repeatedly negative customer feedback may result in lower rankings (including not showing at all).”

We give your office administrators and receptionists access to our app which is free to download.

When a job has been completed and the customer is at their happiest, the employee/worker will text the patient while being in front of them, telling them “the best way you can thank us is to leave us a five star review.”

The customer then fills out the review by clicking on the text link which takes seconds to complete. If your customer does not have any social media profiles they are able to leave a website review. You then have new reviews on over 95% of your service jobs.

These reviews are shared on your social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and business website within minutes from our Shopper Reviews app.

Your office administrator can then login during the week and respond to reviews from our interactive and easily accessible portal.

All of these reviews help your local SEO and increase customer confidence which means an increase of new service jobs from new customers. We will even assist you in setting everything up.