Retail Industry

More than 75% of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust a family member or friend’s recommendation.

Which store would you shop at?

The store with a 3.0 Google rating or the store with the 4.3 Google rating?

Customers are looking at all of a business’ positive and negative reviews—and how you respond to them—to gain a better insight of your business as a whole.

Impact of Reviews on Retail

The retail industry is highly competitive and stores are always looking for ways to increase customer traffic.

Effective Marketing

One of the most effective marketing techniques is by having positive reviews on google rankings or bing.

The importance of an online presence for online stores cannot be overstated. Reviews are the easiest way to get positive exposure, which will lead to more customers and ultimately more revenue.

The success of a retail store is dependent on the customer’s experience. Customers are more likely to visit stores that have good reviews on google and Bing. Reviews can make or break a store, generating positive or negative publicity about the business. Responding to all reviews is crucial for any business.

We give your employees access to our app which is free to download.

These reviews are shared on your social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and business website within minutes from our Shopper Reviews app.

When a customer is done shopping and is at their happiest, the employee will text the customer while being in front of them, telling them “the best way you can thank us is to leave us a five star review.”

Your manager can then login during the week and respond to reviews from our interactive and easily accessible portal.

The customer then fills out the review by clicking on the text link which takes seconds to complete. If your customer does not have any social media profiles they are able to leave a website review. You then have new reviews on over 95% of your sales.

All of these reviews help your local SEO and increase customer confidence which means an increase of new sales from new customers. We will even assist you in setting everything up.