Multi-Family Real Estate

80%+ of customers reported that reviews and ratings were the most significant aspects before signing a lease.

Which apartment would you lease from?

The apartment complex with a Google rating of 3.6 or the one with a Google rating of 4.6?

According to research, 7 out of 10 people looking for apartments use online reviews to make their decision.

Apartment Searches & Review Statistics

A property with many reviews on Google has higher chances of being ranked higher.

Multi family real estate is a growing business. It has been increasing in popularity over the years. Nowadays, more and more people are opting for this type of housing. This is because it allows them to live in a cozy and comfortable environment at an affordable price.

However, with an increase in clients come an increase in competition between businesses offering the same service or product. To further attract customers, they need to differentiate themselves from their competitors and this can be done through advertising and marketing campaigns and also by providing excellent customer care services to retain old customers and attract new ones. In order for these businesses to have a competitive edge that will set them apart from their competitors, they need to have reviews from previous satisfied customers that will prove that they offer excellent services.


We give your leasing representatives or apartment managers access to our app which is free and easy to download.

These reviews are shared on your social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and business website within minutes from our Shopper Reviews app.

Whenever a lease is signed and when the customer is at their happiest (at the time keys exchange hands) the sales manager will text the customer while being in front of them telling them “the best way you can thank us is to leave us a five star review.”

Your manager will be notified of every review and can then login anytime and respond to reviews from our interactive portal.

The customer gets a text immediately and fills out the review by clicking on the text link which takes a few seconds to complete. If your customer does not have any social media profiles they will be able to leave a website review.

All these reviews help your local SEO and increase customer confidence which increases business. We will even assist in helping you set everything up, we want you to be successful.