Healthcare Industry

More than 70% of patients look to online reviews when deciding on a physician.

Sudden Development

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that more than 50% of the public felt that online rating sites were a significant aspect on how they selected their physician.

Shopper Reviews qualifies professionals and facilities by aggregating reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, RateMDs, Vitals, Healthgrades, and other sources into a single, manageable ReviewsInbox and dashboard.

Positive Reviews Connected to Positive Outcomes

Data from a paper published in Academic Medicine showed a correlation between patient satisfaction with their personal healthcare and improved health outcomes. Likewise, it was reported that with more satisfied patients, there was a lower rate of malpractice lawsuits.

In order to maintain the value of their reputations and to secure an active flow of communication with patients, hospitals, health centers, medical staff, dentists and other professionals should actively monitor all customer review sources.

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