Hospitality Industry

Responses from management to hotel guests reviews have been shown to an increase of review stars and over a 15% rise in the amount of future reviews.



Convincing Research 

The demand of using reviews  as a major factor in the decision making process for everything to do with hospitality and travel creates a large amount of data to run research on. 

We are gaining some of the most complete and detailed evidence from this niche industry to verify the immense value companies can gain from responding publicly to customer feedback and reviews.



Google’s Growing Impact

The review site TripAdvisor has long been the main source for hotel and travel destination reviews (claiming “500 million+ unbiased traveler reviews”).

Social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook slowly became the next avenue for review sources. These sites required companies to create customer service teams that focused solely on controlling social media platforms.

Google is now beginning to compete with all these review sites. They are now geo-pinging consumer’s phones that are located in hotels asking for reviews. Google Local Guides are being recommended to write reviews, answer questions, and take photos of locations. Over 1,200 Google Local reviews are being posted per day for hospitality chains throughout the world.