Sales Employees

Sales employees who manage their online reputation in their sales process are more than 75% more likely to attain their quota than those employees who don’t manage their online presence. Start managing your own brand and name and impress your employer or potential new employer!

Create a Brand/Resume That Stays With You

Content shared by employees receives 8x more engagement than the same content shared by the company itself. Consumers want the chance to relate to the salesperson rather than the brand itself. Sales representatives should take advantage of that relationship.

Just like the companies they represent, salespeople are reviewed and rated as well.

Sales Representative Reviews

Customers look to these online reviews to determine whether they would want to continue working with that individual sales employee and more importantly, recommend that salesperson to others.

These reviews matter when salespeople are striving to fulfill and exceed their commission quotas. 

Take Advantage of a Personal Brand

Sales representatives can create their own online presence through a more personal online reputation, rather than relying on the company's corporate reputation.

Create Your Presence

Sales employees have a more than 4x higher reach each in their online engagement than their company does.

Salespeople should utilize that.

This online reputation can be achieved through a Personal and Business Facebook page.

Messages have a reach of more than 500% when shared by a sales employee compared to the same content shared by the official business

Consequently, when and whether a sales employee decides to leave their company, through their personal branding page, they are able to take their own personal reviews and ratings and move on, never losing that past vital customer engagement.

The salespersons own personal social connections can help elevate their online presence.

By actively capturing on these connections on their personal branding page, sales representatives are more likely to gain new customers through constant social sharing and tagging.