Restaurant Industry

Restaurant reviews are read by more people online than any other industry, yet less than 40% of businesses respond to these reviews.

Which restaurant would you dine in?

The restaurant with a 3.8 Google rating or the restaurant with the 4.7 Google rating?

Reviews Are Vital

Word-of-mouth marketing is a valuable tool for acquiring new customers and improving your Google ranking at the same time.

Follow the Trends

In order to improve their search engine rankings, many restaurants are using review management tools like Shopper Reviews to get more customer reviews, respond automatically to positive or negative feedback and find out what customers really think about their business.

Restaurants are becoming smarter by following the latest trends in SEO so that they could stay relevant in the future. These restaurants are also taking advantage of user-generated content, social media marketing, and lead generation programs to get more customers.

Some restaurants have come up with a new way to get their business to rank higher on Google search engine results page or Bing. This is done when they focus on creating content that will help them generate more reviews from customers. When it comes to ranking on search engine results page, customer reviews are much better than paid advertising.

We give your employees access to our app which is free to download.

These reviews are shared on your social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and business website within minutes from our Shopper Reviews app.

When a customer's meal and experience is over and the customer is at their happiest, the waiter will text the client while being in front of them, telling them “the best way you can thank us is to leave us a five star review.”

Your manager can then login during the week and respond to reviews from our interactive and easily accessible portal.

The customer then fills out the review by clicking on the text link which takes seconds to complete. If your customer does not have any social media profiles they are able to leave a website review. You then have new reviews on over 95% of your reservations .

All of these reviews help your local SEO and increase customer confidence which means an increase of new reservations from new customers. We will even assist you in setting everything up.